With passion for minis

I recently had a pleasure to start cooperation with CEO of – our goal is simple, more awesome figurines! As a 3D Designer I couldn’t say no! 

Post-Apo, Cyber Punk and more!

We already have more than 100 products with 3 main themes – from crazy mad max style choppers to remotely controlled machines of war.

Total Mayhem!

Full Beta will come out in the start of 2022

One card pack contains 50 playing cards, you can play with just one army pack. 
Average game time is around 15 to 50 minutes. 

So what now?

Just wait for new updates! Im currently working on website, kickstarter and balancing 2 new races! Here is a list of what i’ve done:

Click this link and check out our store.
More info coming soon! Apply code shop10 for -10% discount!

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