I'm a designer
Brand / product / strategy

Every day I find out – nothing is impossible. I’m a very well organised designer with large art and technical experience. My life drive is coffee, daily dose of realism and a good meal. I find myself well in a team but I greatly value individuality and healthy competition. 

I value diligence, people with passion and effective work results. I’m interested in psychology, architecture, carpentry, art exhibitions, opera and design but photography has opened a lot of creative versatility in me. I am eager to make new contacts and learn new things.

BEP MED CENTER - JAN 2020 - SEP 2020

GLOBE IT - FEB 2016 - DEC 2017


KENTOO - APR 2014 - JAN 2016

NECTUN IT - JAN 2018 - SEP 2018


DERTOUR PL - NOV 2018 - APR 2019

VALIO - MAR 2013 - MAR 2014

After some years

What i've achieved

Some people count their achievements in medals – for me it’s different. It’s about the journey AND the destination. Dealing with all types of problems along the way helped me to be better prepared for all kinds of sudden situations.

Positive thinking, being open minded,  listening to people and quick problem solving is something you’ll not be taught in school.


Where skills matters

Here is a list of my very well known software that I use almost every day:


Before you ask

When I was 12 I played a lot of video games. Back then games were more primitive – less maps, weapons and simplest animations. That’s when I started making 3D models for guns and maps to change anything I wanted and play with my friends.

Hell yeah! Nothing kicks better than quality project finished in budget and time!

Night drives through the city as well as lonley walks in the forest. Thinking of many ways to improve my life as the lives of others. I like Pinterest, Dribble, Instagram and Behance for daily dose of fresh design ispirations.

Fulfilling my passions, learning new skills and creating crazy ideas. Discovering new places, chilling on my rooftop and partying all night!

I’m a night owl – working at night brings me extreme contentration, that’s why don’t try calling me in the morning.

I’m also dealing with ADHD but I’m using it as a work boost – thinking about the most efficient solutions for the more complex problems.

I don’t know what’s ahead of me but I’m certain about one thing – personal growth is a nice everyday reality

Interested in cooperation?

Mon – Sat 12-22 PM
Warsaw, Poland

(+48) 732 823 599