Attention Privates!

Do you like strategic card games? Well, I have some great news for you! Be a part of the most dynamic and tricky card game that is changing your whole table into a bloody battlefield!

MAYHEM! is a modern, SCI-Fi chess like strategy game for 2 players. Play with 8 unique and different classes like: aliens, robots, cannibals, rebels or demons. Each army has its own cards, actions and strategies to win. 

Only the best strategist will win!

Build your ultimate army of doom! 

Each army has its unique tactics – aliens are a very fast attackers, humans build big and strong bases, cannibals can run in to your defense line but robots like to play it safer – building gauss canons behind line of sight!

A Small price to pay

Choose your favourite army and play!

No boards, no big boxes just a pack of cards in your pocket – that’s exactly enough to cause some Mayhem!

Total Mayhem!

Full Beta will come out in the start of 2022

One card pack contains 50 playing cards, you can play with just one army pack. 
Average game time is around 15 to 50 minutes. 

Project progress


So what now?

Just wait for new updates! Im currently working on website, kickstarter and balancing 2 new races! Here is a list of what i’ve done:

And here’s the list of what to do:

See you soon on my next big update!

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  1. Fajnie, że są wyszukiwarki internetowe i takie portale w sieci jak Twój. Jest merytoryczny i lekko zabawny. Widać, że wkładasz wiele serca w każdy post. Dzięki!

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